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About Marion

Marion Grasby

Marion’s Kitchen is inspired by one simple passion – to bring the best flavours of Asia to home kitchens around the world.

Marion Grasby is a cookbook author, television presenter and food producer who has an insatiable appetite for Asian cuisines.

“The food we eat tells a very personal story about the people we love and the places we go,” says Marion.

“My love for Asian cuisines started in my own childhood home kitchen – with the fragrant spices and bold flavours of my Thai mother’s homemade curries.”

Marion’s Kitchen has become one of the most highly regarded gourmet food brands in the Australian market. Marion and her team are expanding the brand globally with a range of 10 fun and easy Asian and Indian meal kits.

Marion lives in Thailand and travels throughout Asia to find the most unique and delicious dishes with the aim of creating restaurant-quality, step-by-step gourmet meal kits that anyone can cook.

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